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Best spa in brookefield bangalore Spa Facial Treatment

Spa Facials

Quick Clean Up Facial                           30 Min                Rs.1500/-       

(Includes cleansing, tan removal, steam, toning, exfoliation, & pack)

Ideal for teens and under 25 skin, clean-up facials are excellent for unclogging pores and removing deep seated dirt caused by pollution factors.

Spa Facials                                  60 Min : Rs.3000 / 90 Min : Rs.3500  

(Includes tan removal, cleansing, toning, exfoliation, massage & Pack with Back Scrub, Hands Scrub & Eye spa + Extra Peel of f mask for 75min facial)

Sensitive Skin

Lavender & White-lily for very Sensitive Skin

Especially formulated for sensitive skin, this facial uses gentle lavender based products and specially formulated white lily face pack to sooth and tone your skin.


*Re-Vitalizing & Radiance Facial *100% Natural & Organi

Pamper your skin with these deliciously handmade facial products that are enriched with extracts of Pomegranate, Licorice, Aloevera blended with Honey.


Japanese Cherry Blossom Facial

Especially formulated to protect and strengthen skin. As an anti-oxidant, helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brightens and promotes even skin tone. It also acts like a shield to protect skin from environmental pollution.

Normal to Dry Skin

Almonds, Rose and Sandalwood Deep-Hydrating Facial
Dry skin need extra care. This facial is infused with almond oil, avocado, oatmeal, honey and essential oils of rose, orange & sandalwood to pamper the skin and restore moisture, health and vitality to make the skin glow from within.

Moroccan Argan Oil Facial

Argan oil is also called as liquid gold and has legendary healing properties. Highly effective on dry, tanned and blemished skin, it restores moisture, elasticity and irons out the fine lines leaving the skin silky smooth.

Chocolate Facial

Chocolate has high level of anti-oxidants which has anti-ageing benefits. Chocolate is deeply

hydrating and takes care of blemishes, age spots and also boosts production of collagen giving your face an healthy glow.

Oily and Acne Prone Skin

Neem & Brahmi for Oily & Acne prone Skin

Especially formulated for oily & acne skin, this facial uses neem based products and specially formulated brahmi face pack to sooth oily and acne prone skin.


Aromatherapy for Oily and Acne prone Skin
This Facial uses products that are infused with essential oils of Tea tree & Lavender that are known for its stimulating disinfecting properties that are highly effective for oily and acne skin.

Ayurvedic Pimple Treatment Facial *100% Natural & Organic  Ayurvedic formulation with combination of anti-inflammatory neem, sandalwood and orange peel to soothe skin and magically helps control of acne, pimple, scars & blemishes. This facial is ideal for all problematic skin of any age.

Normal Skin (Fairness/Glow)

*Insta-Glow Fairness *100% Natural & Organic 

Contains the natural goodness and beautifying properties of holy basil, cucumber, turmeric, honey and milk proteins to revitalize, hydrate and restore a refreshing, silky smooth and fairer look.

Green Tea Fairness Facial for Normal Skin                                    Due to sun’s strong rays, stress, wrong use of cosmetics or hormonal imbalances the skin cells produce extra melanin that causes dark & patchy skin. This green tea extracts based facial help in dissolving accumulated melanin so that the skin regains its freshness.

Vitamin C Facial                            Due to sun’s strong rays, stress, wrong use of cosmetics or hormonal imbalances the skin cells produce extra melanin that causes dark & patchy skin. Vitamin C is a potent anti-oxidant that reduces skin inflammation and irregular pigmentation while promoting collagen production

Tanned and Pigmented Skin

Papaya & Lime for Tanned & Pigmented skin

Especially formulated for dry & mildly pigmented skin, this facial uses Papaya & Lime based products which improves complexion and also reduces tan, blemishes and pigmentation.


De-Pigmentation and Whitening Facial

Highly effective facial treatment for lightening pigmentation and removing tan. Also recommended for whitening and brightening effect. Active ingredients includes extracts of clove oil, eucalyptus, liquorice, anti-oxidants rich Vitamin C.


Rose Anti-tan Facial
Enriching properties of fruits, liquorice, holy basil and rose protects the skin from ageing caused by sun exposure. This facial also reduces skin darkening, protects from sunburns making the skin fairer with petal soft perfection.

Mature Skin

Diamond Facial 

Promotes diamond like dazzle on skin. The anti-oxidants helps to cleanse, the elastin provides firmness. Highly effective to provide even tone and checks premature aging. The active ingredients constitute diamond bhasma (dust), vitamin C & E.

24k Gold Facial   

Specially formulated as per Ayurveda, this facial uses extracts of saffron, almond, sandalwood, turmeric with gold dust pack for added glow and lustre. Not suitable for very sensitive skin.


Red Wine Premium Facial   

Great for mature and 30+ skin. In France, Red wine barrel bath is suggested for defying wrinkles. Red wine rejuvenating treatments are now appreciated world over. Speeds up metabolism, helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines. The active ingredients constitute grape seed extract, seaweed collagen, carrot extract.

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