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Foot Massage Therapies

Best spa in brookefield bangalore massage service hot stone reflexology

Hot Stone Foot Reflexology                                                                 60 min: Rs.2500

This treatment takes foot reflexology to another level. Basalt stones are volcanic rocks is well-known for retaining heat, helps release toxins, relieve stress, depression and promotes deep relaxation.

These hot basalt stones are used to massage specific points on the foot that correspond to organs of the body. A foot massage begins with relaxing the feet in aromatic bath salts followed by massage on specific reflex points on the feet. This is known to relax muscles, improve blood circulation and release toxins apart from restoring energy to the entire body.

Thai Foot Massage                                                                       60 min: Rs. 2,000

This therapeutic treatment combines elements of Reflexology and Chinese Massage and works on the major energy lines that run through the body. Through manipulation of specific acupressure points the mind and body is stimulated to restore balance to relieve tension and tightness.

Thai foot massage helps reduce stiffness and improve flexibility, stimulating circulation to help increase immunity and aid detoxification. It can help boost general health and well-being, promoting deep relaxation, improving sleep and is extremely beneficial for stress relief.

Best spa in brookefield bangalore massage service Thai foot massge

Ayurvedic Foot Therapy with Kansa Wand                                                                         60 min 2,500

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